Recreation Staff

A picture of Meggan Davies, CTRS

Meggan Davies, CTRS

Recreation Manager
Inclusion Services, Facilities, Safety
A picture of Blair Hill

Blair Hill

Recreation Manager
Camps, Summer Program, Special Events, Transportation
A picture of Dani Kern, CTRS

Dani Kern, CTRS

Recreation Manager
Traditional Programs, Staffing, Volunteers
A picture of Becca Zajler, CTRS

Becca Zajler, CTRS

Recreation Manager
ELA Program, Gator Athletics, Trips, Interns
A picture of Catherine Benson, CTRS

Catherine Benson, CTRS

Recreation Specialist
Camps, Seasonal Special Events, Transportation
A picture of Niki Cuttell, MSW

Niki Cuttell, MSW

Recreation Specialist
Adult Day Programs
A picture of Hailey Haas, CTRS

Hailey Haas, CTRS

Recreation Specialist
Adult Programs
A picture of Katie James

Katie James

Recreation Specialist
Gator Athletics & Trips
A picture of Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Recreation Specialist
Inclusion (Behavior Management)
A picture of Sierra Shum

Sierra Shum

Recreation Specialist
Inclusion (Placement & Partner Agency Relations)
A picture of Marissa Wayne

Marissa Wayne

Recreation Specialist
Youth Programs
A picture of Abby Whalen, CTRS

Abby Whalen, CTRS

Recreation Specialist
Summer Program, Agency Special Events, LEAD

Administrative & Office Staff

A picture of Craig Culp, CPRP

Craig Culp, CPRP

Executive Director
A picture of Candice Cunningham, CTRS

Candice Cunningham, CTRS

A picture of Mel Robson, CTRS

Mel Robson, CTRS

A picture of Flynn Vance

Flynn Vance

Executive Assistant
A picture of Darleen Negrillo, PHR

Darleen Negrillo, PHR

Manager of Human Resources
A picture of Rebekah Lee

Rebekah Lee

Manager of Marketing & Communications
A picture of Caitlin Deptula, CPRP

Caitlin Deptula, CPRP

A picture of George Pappas, CPA

George Pappas, CPA

Finance Coordinator
A picture of Carrie McHaley, CFRE

Carrie McHaley, CFRE

Foundation Manager
A picture of Bonnie Amir

Bonnie Amir


In conjunction with the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/7.3) the TCP information for IMRF-covered employee earnings is available at the NSSRA office 3105 MacArthur Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062. Please ask for Executive Director Craig Culp to review the materials.