Recreation Staff

Meggan Davies, CTRS

Recreation Manager Inclusion Services, Facilities, Safety

Blair Hill

Recreation Manager Camps, Summer Program, Special Events, Transportation

Cristina Hughes

Cristina Hughes

Adult Day Program Site Coordinator

Dani Kern, CTRS

Recreation Manager Traditional Programs, Staffing, Volunteers

Becca Luecke, CTRS

Recreation Manager ELA Program, Gator Athletics, Trips, Interns

Niki Cuttell, MSW

Recreation Specialist Adult Day Programs

Katie James

Recreation Specialist Gator Athletics & Trips

Sierra Shum

Recreation Specialist Inclusion (Placement & Partner Agency Relations)

Kai Treston, CTRS

Recreation Specialist Adult Programs

Marissa Wayne

Recreation Specialist Youth Programs

Abby Whalen, CTRS

Recreation Specialist Summer Program, Agency Special Events, LEAD

Nicole Witt, CTRS

Recreation Specialist Inclusion (Behavior Management)

Administrative & Office Staff

Craig Culp, CPRP

Executive Director

Candice Cunningham, CTRS


Mel Robson, CTRS


George Pappas, CPA


Kate Berry

Executive Assistant

Laurie DeSimone

Foundation Manager

Jeanne Cook


Chris Varner

Manager of Marketing and Communications

In conjunction with the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/7.3), the TCP information for IMRF-covered employee earnings is available at the NSSRA office 3105 MacArthur Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062. Please ask for Executive Director Craig Culp to review the materials.