Participant Wellness Policy

In consideration of other participants and NSSRA staff, to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses, it is requested that participants refrain from attending programs when any of the following conditions exist:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher (when this occurs, participants must stay home for one whole program day – 24 hours from time sent home)
  • Vomiting within the last 24 hours
  • Persistent diarrhea in conjunction with other symptoms
  • Contagious rash or rash of unknown origin
  • Persistent cough or cold symptoms
  • “Pink Eye” (conjunctivitis) or discharge from the eye
  • Symptoms of mumps, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, flu, impetigo or coxsackie virus
  • Runny nose with yellow or green discharge
  • Lice/mites present
  • Fatigue due to illness

For more information or with questions, please contact NSSRA at (847) 509-9400 or