How We’re Funded

Funding for NSSRA comes from three sources:

1) Partner agency contributions
2) Program fees
3) Outside support from NSSRA Foundation

Contributions from partner agencies are made proportionately based on community size and collected through a property tax levy issued by each partner.

In addition, the NSSRA Foundation Board of Directors commits significant support, both personal and from outside sources. This support provides scholarships and transportation for participants, sponsors several large special events allowing participants to attend for free or at a reduced rate, and grants financial assistance to meet the growing demand for new services and programs offered by NSSRA. Learn more about NSSRA Foundation here.

NSSRA’s partner communities are integrated with our programming, with activities happening in all partner communities, and through the employment of nearly 500 community members who serve residents with disabilities while growing their resume for college, career, or giving back to the community and earning a competitive wage.