Capital & Facility Acquisition Plan

Click here to download a PDF of NSSRA’s Capital & Facility Acquisition Plan

NSSRA’s 2011-2014 Strategic Plan has guided staff to research the best possible way to accomplish the goal, to secure the most suitable permanent location for NSSRA preferably with a partner agency. Staff’s research has focused on the facility needs of the agency and the need for a capital plan. NSSRA conducted a study to evaluate the long-term viability of its current building. Extensive deficiencies in the building confirmed the need to secure a new location for the agency. According to NSSRA’s needs, staff has developed a capital plan that addresses the capital needs of the agency. Prior to this plan, NSSRA’s capital costs have been funded through the operational budget. The Capital and Facility Acquisition Plan (linked above) details the deficiencies of NSSRA’s current building, identifies the specific baseline needs for a future location and presents a realistic capital plan to be funded.

This Capital & Facility Acquisition Plan details the research and findings that will guide NSSRA to successfully accomplish this goal. The research takes into account a number of assumptions when calculating cost estimates because the goal to relocate with a partner agency will require time until the right opportunity with a partner becomes reality. NSSRA’s goal is to raise $770,000 of the costs from outside sources including grants and donations from NSSRA Foundation, supporters and users of NSSRA through a capital campaign. As detailed in the plan, the anticipated horizon for accomplishing the goal is 2018 with an estimated cost of $4,681,531 and the need to finance $2,540,000.

The Capital & Facility Acquisition Plan demonstrates the need for NSSRA to fund this plan to accomplish this strategic goal. Funding for the plan began in 2014.

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