Transportation Policies

Program descriptions will indicate if transportation is available. NSSRA provides door-to-door and community location transportation for select programs. If you register for a transportation option, please list your choice of pick up AND drop off locations on the registration form where indicated, using the codes provided below.

Moraine Living Facility
Code: MOR
1954 Green Bay Rd., Highland Park

Northbrook Sports Center 
Code: NBSC
1730 Pfingsten Rd.
(847) 291-2993

Recreation Center of Highland Park
Code: RCHP
1207 Park Ave West, Highland Park
(847) 579-4554

Takiff Center
999 Green Bay Road, Glencoe
(847) 835-3030

Willow Park Fieldhouse
Code: WPFH
2600 Greenwood, Glenview
[No Phone]

Wilmette Community Recreation Center
Code: WCRC
3000 Glenview Rd., Wilmette
(847) 256-9686

If a participant is registered for transportation and will not need transportation pick up and/or drop off on a particular day(s), please notify NSSRA by calling the front office at (847) 509-9400. Routes are otherwise unnecessarily delayed.

Door-To-Door Routes

Door-to-door transportation is for residents only. Door-to-door routes are planned according to the number of participants registered and their locations, as well as the final destination. With limited vehicles available, it may be necessary for participants to ride the bus for up to 1.5 hours. NSSRA staff will assist participants to and from their homes, but driveways and walkways must be clear of debris and obstacles. Staff will not enter homes. Persons unable to be in a house alone should have someone meet the bus at the designated time of return. NSSRA cannot wait more than ten minutes due to the demanding transportation schedule. Participants will be picked up and dropped off in geographical order. We will do our best to accommodate you!

Late Pick Up Policy

When parents/guardians/group home staff are late picking up a participant, drivers will wait a maximum of ten minutes from the scheduled time. After the ten-minute wait period, the driver will continue on the route to the next location. Participants/families who do not arrive on time may be asked to meet at an alternate location. After ten minutes, a fee may be applied.

Pick Up & Drop Off Safety

For the safety of all participants, parents/guardians/group home staff must personally check in with a program leader/driver when dropping off and picking up a participant. Staff cannot leave a program or other participants to escort an individual to or from a vehicle. Therefore, parents/guardians/group home staff are asked to park and check in with the program leader during both drop off and pick up for all programs.

Participant Transportation Safety

NSSRA has implemented the following transportation procedures in order to ensure participants’ safety while riding in NSSRA vehicles.

  1. All passengers must be sitting in seats or wheelchairs with seat belts securely fastened. The driver will not proceed until all seat belts are fastened.
  2. All wheelchairs must have brakes that are in good working order and can stop the chair from moving.
  3. The NSSRA drivers will assist participants to and from their homes, but driveways and walkways must be clear of debris and obstacles.
  4. NSSRA drivers are responsible to determine whether or not a participant can be transported safely. If it is determined that it would be dangerous to transport an individual, the driver may refuse to transport that person.*
  5. Persons riding in Amigo-type wheelchairs must transfer into a bus seat and must use a seatbelt.
  6. Persons unable to be in the house alone should have someone meet the NSSRA staff at the designated time of return. NSSRA cannot wait more than ten minutes due to the demanding transportation schedule.

*NSSRA reserves the right to refuse to transport individuals. Please realize that these policies have been developed to ensure the safety of everyone riding in the NSSRA vehicle. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

A minimum of three participants is needed at each pick up/drop off location. Transportation may not be available for late registrants. Participants will be notified of any scheduling changes should they occur. When necessary, NSSRA may use SEPTRAN, 303 Taxi, or other contract carriers.