Registration Policies

Important Registration Information

NSSRA programs have become so popular that many reach their maximum capacity quickly and therefore waiting lists must be started. To be fair to all registrants, procedures have been established as follows:

Registration Period and Deadline

NSSRA program registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. We advertise the registration period for both the current and upcoming program season in each seasonal program guide. Some programs have become so popular that they may reach their maximum capacity prior to the registration deadline. We encourage you to register early! Registrations received prior to 9:00 am on the registration open date will be processed manually in random order. Processing registrations manually takes time. Registering online through WebTrac at 9:00 am is the best, fastest option to get into your favorite programs.

Waiting List

If the program you have selected is full, you will be put on the waiting list and your payment may not be processed. Your position on the waiting list is based upon when your completed registration form is received. We will make every effort to accommodate waiting lists. However, additional openings may not be available due to facility space, pre-purchased tickets, transportation or staffing needs.

Program & Transportation Fees and Payment

Each program and event listed in our program guide is assigned one code and one fee. If the program offers optional transportation, a separate code and fee will be listed. On the registration form, registrants should fill in the program name, code and fee. If transportation is desired, registrants should also complete the transportation location/code and fee.

Outstanding balances must be paid prior to registration for the next season. If assistance is needed regarding payment, contact Registrar Jeanne Cook at (847) 509-9400 x6815 or

Program Refunds

For all programs, special events and trips, full refunds will be granted up to the registration deadline. Please review the following for information regarding refunds after the registration deadline.

On-Going Weekly Programs

A prorated refund of the program and/or transportation fee minus 10% (maximum of $10) and NSSRA-incurred costs (tickets, staff costs, etc.) will be made when NSSRA is notified prior to the third session of an ongoing program.

One-Time Events & Social Clubs

Notice is required at least one week in advance for refunds (minus 10% at a maximum of $10, and prepaid costs) for one-time events and social clubs.

Day Camps

For all camps, full refunds will be granted up to the registration deadline. A prorated refund of the camp and/or transportation fee minus a $10 administrative fee and NSSRA-incurred costs (tickets, staff costs, etc.) will be made when NSSRA is notified more than two weeks prior to the start of the camp session. If notified within two weeks of the start of camp, refunds will only be given for medical reasons. When cancelling for a medical reason, refunds are minus NSSRA prepaid costs, and NSSRA requires a note from your doctor.


Refunds of no more than 50% of the fee will be granted up to four weeks prior to the trip, pending prepaid expenses. In the event that NSSRA cancels a trip, you will receive a full refund.

Medical Cancellations

When cancelling for a medical reason, refunds are minus NSSRA prepaid costs, and NSSRA requires a note from your doctor.

NSSRA-Initiated Cancellations

In the event that NSSRA cancels a program, you will receive a full refund.

Resident/Non-Resident Policy
If you live in one of NSSRA’s ten partner park districts or two cities and one village, you are considered a resident. These include the Park Districts of Deerfield, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Northbrook, Northfield, Wilmette and Winnetka, the Cities of Lake Forest and Highwood, and the Village of Riverwoods. Individuals residing outside the NSSRA boundaries (in an area that does not support NSSRA through tax dollars) must pay an annual Administrative Fee prior to registering for any NSSRA program. The Administrative Fee is determined annually. The Administrative Fee is approximately $2,200. This fee allows participation in NSSRA programs for one year.

Program Guide Availability
Seasonal program guides are mailed to our current mailing list using first-class postage. Please contact our office if you do not receive your program guide. Program guides are also available at the NSSRA office, at most of our partner agency facilities and in NSSRA vehicles. The program guide is also published on our website prior to the registration period.

Primary Mailing Address Used for NSSRA Mailing Lists
When a participant’s parents or guardians have multiple mailing addresses, all of our correspondence is sent to the address listed on the program registration form. If another parent or guardian, living at a different address, would like to receive information from NSSRA, the person who signs the registration form must submit a written request to Superintendent Mel Robson at (847) 509-9400 x6829 or Program and participant information will also be communicated to the individual who signs the registration form. Sometimes the person who signs the registration form and the person who pays program fees are different. Nevertheless, the person who signs the registration form is NSSRA’s primary contact.

Financial Assistance

Participants in need of financial assistance may download the Reduced Fee Application here, or by requesting a copy from Mel Robson at (847) 509-9400 x6829 or

Send in your registration form with the application. All requests are reviewed by the Executive Director and you will be notified upon approval. Your deposit will be deducted from any balance due. Payment plans are also available. Financial assistance is not awarded to non-resident participants, for cooperative programs, special events, trips or transportation.

Seizure Information Form (SIF)

If a participant has a seizure disorder, an SIF must be completed and signed before he or she is allowed to register for any NSSRA programs. The current SIF can be found here: Complete each category and list any other information necessary for NSSRA to provide safe and enjoyable activities for the participant. Please update this form whenever there is a change in the information and submit it to NSSRA with the registration form. You will be asked to review and update this form on an annual basis.

High-Risk Waiver Policy

Programs that involve potential high-risk activities will require signed high-risk waivers to be returned to the office two weeks prior to the event date or the start of the program. If a waiver has not been returned by the deadline, participation will not be permitted for that specific event or program.

Late Pick Up Policy

If a participant has not been picked up at the scheduled program end time, the parent/guardian/group home staff will be contacted. After the ten-minute wait period, if the participant has not been picked up, emergency contacts will be called. After ten minutes, a fee may be applied.


At times participants may require assistance taking medication during programs. If the participant is unable to self–medicate or take the medication prior to or after the program, NSSRA requires additional paperwork and that pre-packaged medication be delivered to our office prior to the program.

Please contact Safety Coordinator Meggan Davies at (847) 509-9400 x6828 or with any questions.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

NSSRA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will make reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in and enjoy recreation programs. If you have a question about NSSRA’s compliance, or feel that NSSRA has discriminated against you, please contact Craig Culp, Executive Director, at NSSRA, (847) 509-9400 x6820 or