Special Events

School’s Out” programs, one-time outings to local attractions, favorite hot spots, sports events, concerts…anything and everything is game! If it’s happening, chances are we’ll be there. Typically our seasonal events are organized by age or ability, and they are open to residents and non-residents alike.

Some of our annual agency-wide special events include the Shining Stars Awards & Recognition Banquet, Spring Formal (participants only), Northbrook Days, and our end-of-summer party, Summer Bash. Agency-wide events are open to NSSRA friends, families, and participants of all ages and abilities unless otherwise noted.

Let’s just put it this way: These are not the kind of events to which you want to be fashionably late! Why miss any fun? Big or small, NSSRA knows how to put on a party!

Upcoming Special Events

Transportation for Special Events

NSSRA’s special events include transportation to and from designated pick-up points with enrollment. Transportation times vary and will add program length before and after the special event advertised. NSSRA will communicate specific transportation details and pick up points before the event.

Designated Pick Up Points

  • Mitchell L. Slotnick Center / NSSRA
  • Moraine Living Facility
  • Wilmette Community Recreation Center
  • Northbrook Sports Center

Pick up points will vary based on registration and special event location

For more information, contact Mel Robson, at (847) 509-9400 x6829 or mrobson@nssra.org.