LEAD: Leisure Education Awareness and Discovery

What is Leisure Education?

Students with special needs require a structured introduction to leisure experiences. Leisure Education provides leisure awareness for students during the school day through a cooperative effort between special education staff and NSSRA program staff. This program offers opportunities for students to learn new recreation skills in a structured environment.

Leisure Education prepares students to participate in a variety of leisure activities, empowering students to view their abilities positively.

Leisure Education Goals & Objectives


Our goal is to facilitate Leisure Education resources and programs in cooperation with NSSED and local school districts to improve the leisure functioning of students within our communities.


  • Promote awareness of the importance of leisure and recreation for students.
  • Enhance access to healthy leisure lifestyles and activities.
  • Promote and offer technical and educational services to students within the community.
  • Create a blended approach to learning through both recreation and education.


NSSRA’s passionate, full-time Recreation Specialists coordinate and lead each Leisure Education program.* NSSRA’s staff are accompanied by teachers and aides in each classroom to allow maximum participation and supervision during program activities.

*NSSRA’s full-time recreation staff members have college degrees in Therapeutic Recreation or related fields, as well as special certifications and professional accreditations.

Schedule & Schools

All programs are offered from mid-September to May. A schedule is determined by NSSRA Recreation Specialists and NSSED teachers prior to the beginning of each school year.


The fee for providing NSSRA’s Leisure Education program in each class is $4 per student with a minimum of six students.

Getting Started

For more information or with questions about NSSRA’s Leisure Education program, please contact Recreation Manager Dani Czarnik at (847) 509-9400 x6830 or bhill@nssra.org.