Athletics and Fitness

NSSRA’s adult athletic and fitness programs are designed to offer non-competitive recreational opportunities to learn and socialize. Our staff designed these programs to improve social interaction, help understand health and wellness, and increase exposure to various fitness activities.

These programs include a variety of activities such as competitive sports leagues, fitness classes, and special events. Participants in our adult athletic and fitness programs will have the opportunity to work on their physical fitness while learning new exercises and techniques.

At NSSRA, we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable recreational experience for all of our participants. Our adult athletic and fitness programs are designed to be fun and challenging for all levels of ability.

NSSRA offers year-round seasonal competitive sports programs through our Gator Athletic program. These sports include Basketball, Golf, Swimming, Volleyball, Bocce, Powerlifting, Tennis, Bowling, Softball, and Track & Field.

A few things you should know:

  • Prior experience in the sport or fitness activity is not required nor expected.
  • NSSRA’s fitness programs are non-competitive.

Athletics and Fitness