SPICE Program Shines at Northbrook-On-Ice: Gliding Through the Galaxy

Participants of the Special People’s Ice Skating Experience (SPICE) program, a cherished initiative by the North Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA) in cooperation with the Northbrook Park District, showcased their incredible talents at the renowned Northbrook-On-Ice: Gliding Through the Galaxy, Ice Show. The enchanting event occurred over Mother’s Day weekend at the Northbrook Sports Center and featured seven NSSRA participants.

Northbrook-On-Ice, an annual spectacle that has captivated audiences since 1969, once again demonstrated why it is considered the best amateur ice show in the country. This year’s theme, “Gliding Through the Galaxy,” transported viewers into a mesmerizing world of cosmic wonder.

SPICE, NSSRA’s longest-running program, provided participants with a unique ice skating experience. Participants from the SPICE program worked tirelessly to develop and improve their skating skills, each step bringing them closer to their dreams on the ice.

Moreover, the skaters were not alone in their journey. Volunteer skating “buddies” accompanied them, fostering social interaction and providing invaluable instruction. The presence of these dedicated buddies ensured an inclusive and empowering environment for all, undoubtedly creating friendships to last a lifetime.

During the Northbrook-On-Ice show, the SPICE program participants took center stage, dazzling the audience with their impressive routines and captivating performances.

As the curtains close on another unforgettable ice show, NSSRA remains committed to empowering individuals with disabilities through high-quality, innovative programs like SPICE.