NSSRA is proud to announce our adoption of ePACT Network

NSSRA is proud to announce our adoption of ePACT Network, a health and safety software to better support all our participants and make it easier to submit critical data securely! ePact will be replacing our Annual Information Form, Seizure Information Form and the Allergy Form.

Why are we using ePACT?

  • To save you time – With ePACT, you only need to complete your information once and then verify that it is still correct for additional programs or subsequent years (which you can do in just two minutes)! And if you need to update something quickly, log in and update it, and NSSRA will be notified immediately.
  • For better security & privacy- ePACT’s high encryption levels and commitment to security means your data on ePACT is safer than on paper.

How does ePact work? 

  • You’ll receive an email invite to share information with NSSRA.
  • Click ‘Complete Request’ to create a free account or log in if you already have an existing ePACT account.
  • Enter the required information, like medical conditions, and share it with NSSRA so that program staff have access.

ePACT makes it far easier for you to share emergency information with us while also ensuring we have access to records anytime, anywhere with the mobile app – even without an internet connection.

Rest assured that you always own your account and the information in it. Have questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at registration@nssra.org or visit www.epactnetwork.com.

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