Flynn Vance celebrates decade with NSSRA | Highland Park Landmark

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NSSRA Executive Assistant Flynn Vance smiles with NSSRA Recreation Manager Meggan Davies at NSSRA’s annual Summer Bash event in 2018. (Photo submitted)

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2:37 am CDT March 29, 2019

Last month Flynn Vance celebrated 10 years of service with NSSRA. Vance has served as North Suburban Special Recreation Associations’s Executive Assistant since 2009, having worked in the field of parks and recreation for over thirty years.

Prior to coming to NSSRA, Vance served as the Superintendent of Recreation at Geneva Park District and Director of Development at NEDSRA (Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association). In 2009, NSSRA Executive Director Craig Culp recruited Vance to the team to help steer the organization towards further success.

Founded in 1970, NSSRA serves approximately 1,800 children, teens and adults with disabilities living in its partner communities throughout the northern suburbs. With over 500 recreation, sport, cultural and social offerings throughout the year, NSSRA is dedicated to creating new experiences, opportunities for leisure time, skill development and perhaps most importantly, friendship.

“Ten years went fast,” Culp said. “Looking back, Flynn has played a significant role in so much of what we have accomplished in the last decade. It’s pretty amazing that one person can influence so much.”

In the midst of substantial transition, Vance came on board at a critical time in NSSRA’s history and has been a key stabilizing influence. While her name may not be recognized by most participants, families or part-time staff, the flourishing NSSRA that they do know and recognize today is thanks in large part to her dedication and commitment.

“We are more connected to our participants, families and communities because of Flynn,” Culp said. “Our communication is better, how we operate is better, and the way we present ourselves as an agency is better because of her efforts. She is such an integral part of everything we do at NSSRA.”

In her decade with the organization, Vance has driven much of NSSRA’s behind-the-scenes transformation, leading the marketing and technology departments into the modern era and empowering the agency to better serve its families and communities.

Her razor sharp attention to detail, language and presentation have helped NSSRA become the polished and professional agency it is today.

Beyond her professional skills and sway on the agency, Vance is a shining example of kindness and heart. “Flynn is so special to NSSRA,” said NSSRA Recreation Manager Meggan Davies. “She is incredibly intelligent, and is always willing to help anyone at a moment’s notice.”

“Over the years we’ve had so many challenges come to light unannounced, and she’s been part of the team that assesses those situations and executes what needs to happen with leadership and professionalism,” Culp said. “She’s loyal, honest and puts others first. Her commitment to quality is a standard that she has imposed on the rest of us, and we are better for it.”

“At the end of day, Flynn is like bacon or butter,” Culp said. She makes everything she is part of better.”


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