At NSSRA, we love to take the time to recognize our phenomenal team. We have events and awards to thank the members of our team for their amazing work. Here are just a few examples of how we celebrate #teamnssra:

Safety Sluggers
Were you caught being safe at a program? Did someone catch you hitting the four principles of safety (Recognize, React, Report, and Review)?
Read more about NSSRA’s Safety Principles.

Stellar Service
Did you provide stellar customer service by upholding one or all of our customer service standards (Respect, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Professionalism)?
Read more about NSSRA’s Customer Service Standards.

If you have been a part of #teamnssra for a year or more, we celebrate you! Every staff member, part-time or full-time, earns a keychain after one year of employment to thank you for your dedication to #teamnssra. After the initial year, we recognize significant milestones with another tag to add to your keychain.

Shining Stars Awards & Recognition Banquet
NSSRA is grateful for the amazing support we receive and we like to thank those individuals, families, groups, or organizations that make that happen. Our annual Shining Stars Awards & Recognition Banquet is an opportunity for us to honor our “Program Staff of the Year” and the “Volunteer of the Year.”