Inclusion Companions


About the Job

NSSRA recognizes that some people with disabilities choose to participate in community recreation programs with people without disabilities. To meet this need, NSSRA provides training, support staff, and assistance to partner park districts and local recreation departments so all can enjoy inclusive recreation.

Inclusion Companions foster independence, promote social interaction, and provide behavior management for the child they support. Attending to the individual’s care, each companion supports the program’s goals and work with recreation staff to successfully include the participant. Companions provide modifications or adaptations to ensure inclusion. NSSRA staff are available to provide support to companions and participants throughout the program. Companions may work 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3+, based on the participant’s needs.

Scheduling and Hours

All positions are part-time and range from a minimum of 1 hour per week up to 28 hours per week. NSSRA assigns hours by program season, and hours are flexible and adjustable by season. Reliable transportation is required to ensure attendance at all scheduled programs.

Summer Positions Available

Are you looking for a summer job? We offer seasonal inclusion companion positions.