Career Growth

It is never too soon (or too late) to think about career growth. Whether you are a 12-year-old volunteer, a high school student or a professional in the field, we guarantee you will gain skills at NSSRA that will only enhance future employment opportunities. We are proud to work with our staff and volunteers to expand skills not only directly related to participant engagement but also indirect skills, such as decision-making, professionalism and teamwork.

Grow With Us
NSSRA offers various part-time and seasonal positions across the spectrum, from volunteering to assistant level roles to leadership. We often see kids as young as 12 years old begin in a volunteer position as a buddy to participants in programs like basketball, ice skating and drama. Many times these volunteer positions lead to paid program assistant positions once they turn 16 years old.

The growth doesn’t stop there. The majority of NSSRA’s part-time leadership positions are filled from our pool of talented assistants. We actively look for staff who display excellent communication skills, independent leadership, and good problem-solving abilities and judgement. These staff are groomed for leadership positions by co-leading with experienced leaders as well as attending additional training opportunities related to administrative responsibilities and participant and staff management.

A Job to a Career
Countless staff have worked for NSSRA prior to starting their careers in therapeutic recreation, special education or other related fields. Working a few summers at camp, year-round in inclusive settings or year-round in NSSRA programs builds skills that transfer directly to careers in these areas. Often times students seek out experience at NSSRA to gain volunteer hours, field work placements or internships as required by their degree.

Visionaries in Our Field
NSSRA’s vision is to be leaders in recreation by providing innovative and exceptional services for people with disabilities. This vision cannot become reality without the support we receive from nearly 500 volunteers, program assistants, Inclusion companions, program leaders, site coordinators and Inclusion support staff. We are proud to offer our current level of programs and services and continuously strive to improve.

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