NSSRA is one of the premier programs in Chicago’s northern suburbs for children, teens and adults with special needs. Likely you are already familiar with the important work of NSSRA for participants and in our communities, but many are not. We are working to change that.

Each year in conjunction with our Holiday Appeal we launch a social media campaign to share the stories of belonging that illustrate the rich community we have together, using #iamnssra. We encourage everyone to join in, whether you are a participant or family member, donor, staff member, partner agency or community member. Each of our stories tells an important piece of the powerful narrative of NSSRA, and helps our friends and neighbors better understand who we are and why we exist.

Your tangible support each year enables us to continue offering recreation programs and services, enriching the lives of so many. Yet, we also need your intangible support, your story, to reach people and places who will only understand the significance of NSSRA through your voice and your experiences.

Join us as we share the stories that bind us. Stories of belonging, growth, trying again and lending a hand, stories of learning and laughing and being together. Participants, families, staff, partner agencies, donors, community members, we are NSSRA.