Celebrate 50 Years With Us

In 2020 NSSRA celebrates F I F T Y years of commitment and service to our participants, families, partners, staff and communities! As the first SRA (ever!), we have so much to commemorate, and beginning with the new year we are going to do just that. Save the dates below, and get ready for a host of stories and memories, history and all-round merriment coming your way all through next year!

Happy Birthday, NSSRA!
Monday, March 9
NSSRA turns 50

Sunday, October 11
Run for all, all for one! Details coming soon.

Shining Stars Awards & Recognition Banquet (VIRTUAL)
Friday, October 30
Look back at 50 years with us! Details coming soon.

We want to hear it! Send your stories, memories AND photos to happybirthday@nssra.org. You might just see them in one of our program guides, on our website or on social media!

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